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Wedding Day

Your wedding day will truly be one of the best days of your life.


To make sure you look your best, I would like to offer you my assistance in dressing you on the day.


I am offering this service for a few reasons:

  • No doubt you will have tried your dress on a few times, and it may have a few creases here and there. Also, the photographers and videographers will take photos of it all the over house and garden before you even put it on. I will happily press or steam out any imperfections on the day.
  • Your bridesmaids may not be confident or capable of lacing up a corset style dress correctly.
  • I will have a sewing kit and accessories on the day in case there are any zip emergencies or otherwise.
  • Sometimes there are a lot of people running around, and they are focussing on getting themselves ready. It is nice to have a personal attendant there, just for you.

I promise to:

  • Arrive at the designated time
  • Press or steam your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses as required
  • Assist in putting your wedding dress on; adjusting the lining and layers, zipping or lacing as per the dress style
  • Have my sewing kit on hand in case of emergencies
  • Be there for you – if you need a tissue or glass of water, I will get it. If you need some space, I will politely clear the room for you.

From past experience, I also know that you can feel like a bit of a cash cow with all the expenses. So with that in mind, I have a flat fee of $50 for 1 hour. However if you live further than 15kms from Hopper Crossing, please Contact Me or Request a Call Back.