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Dressmaking & Alterations Terms & Conditions


All fittings must be done with actual undergarments and shoes:

I cannot stress how important it is to have the actual undergarments and shoes you will be wearing for the event for your fittings. It could mean a big difference in the fit of the gown. If you show up for your fitting without the proper undergarments I will refuse to fit you. It's just that important.

I do keep a selection of bra pads that you may wish to try for your gown if you are thinking of not using a bra. We can discuss this at your first fitting, but if you choose to change your undergarments after I have started working on the gown and I have to make changes because of the fitting differences, I will have to charge you extra to make these changes, so purchase your undergarments before you come to see me.

The same goes for shoes. You must have the shoe you are going to wear on the day in order for me to get your hem correct. I will not mark a hem with shoes that are "sort-of like" the shoe you will have or shoes that are "the same heel height". I want to get it right the first time and you do not want to pay me to do it again if you show up with different shoes.


If a client has been dieting, the losing of weight must stop when fittings start:

This policy is necessary to get a good fit and to protect the gown from unnecessary extra alterations that might weaken its structure. If a client continues to lose weight and the gown has to be redone to fit her smaller body, than she risks harming the gown and running out of time before the due date to get the extra alterations finished. I therefore ask that any client change her diet from losing weight to a maintenance schedule once fittings have started.


Guests at fittings and Final Gown Pick-up.

Many brides wish to have someone accompany them to their fittings. It is often the mother, but it can also be a sister or best friend. These people are welcome as long as there aren't more than 2 at a time in the fitting area. I do not allow the groom to be present at any fittings or final pickup.

My Studio is not child safe. Babies and toddlers must be secured by a bumbo seat or held by another guest for their own safety. There are many sharp and dangerous items in my studio and neither I nor the bride can pay due attention to a small child while we are fitting the gown. Older children are welcome as long as the bride understands that her child must be disciplined enough to not be running around the studio and possibly getting hurt on any of the sharp items I have sitting around in clear sight.

Food and drink are not allowed at any time, in or near my Studio.

Final pickup must be at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.


Pregnant brides and maids will be scheduled for their first alteration fitting 2 weeks before the wedding date.

I must still have about 2 month's notice for this work, but I will not see a lady sooner than 2 weeks before the wedding date. I need to block out the time I will need for doing this work and I must be able to do that 2 month's before the wedding. I do not accept work when a lady calls me 2 weeks before the wedding saying she knew she had to wait to see me until then. I will be booked with too many other dresses to have the time to see you. I do not "fit people in". That would put more work than I know I can handle and may cause accidents which I refuse to allow.


Financial Agreement

Garments must be paid for in progress instalments. No work will commence or continue until payments have been made. All payments must be complete prior to garment pickup. This can be done via cash or bank transfer. If you are doing a bank transfer, funds must be clear in my bank account before I will release the garment/s.

If you decide part-way through the process that you would like to make any changes to the garment, such as design, fabric, adding detail etc. I reserve the right to charge extra accordingly.


There are no refunds for change of mind.

I am not a bridal store. I make made-to-measure, one of a kind garments to fit individual clients. I have no way of re-selling bespoke garments.


Open & Honest Communication

If you communicate openly and honestly throughout the entire process, then you are sure to achieve the best possible results.

If you are running late or unable to make an appointment, please show me the courtesy of sending a message the day before or at least a couple of hours before your appointment. Do not contact me at the time of your appointment and say you are running late or sick. I quite often book consecutive fittings, and I need to give every client my complete attention during their allotted time.

Sometimes things just happen – people get sick and miss appointments which sets the schedule behind, some ladies get pregnant unexpectedly etc. High quality can still rule the day if all parties can retain a flexible mind set. Anything can be overcome and fixed if everyone just stays calm and allows themselves to discover alternatives to the situation instead of dwelling on what can or can't be done.